Tuesday, 25 February 2014

No title

These few days are like a roller coaster
Up and down
Want to slap people, curse, and scream
Really tired of being nice
Really tired of pleasing people

God please lend me some strength
I am at the lowest point


Monday, 27 January 2014

MP and HD

Brother : Do you use your camera?

Me        : Nope. The picture is unclear even though it has 14MP

Brother : If you want a clear image, never look at the megapixels, look for HD

Me        : Owh... so, what's the function of MP then?

Brother : MP is when you print out the image in a high resolution, the pixels visible or not. Gambar tu pecah-pecah atau tidak. The higher the MP, the less visible the pixels are. It doesn't promise image to be clear.

Me        : How about HD?

Brother : HD will produce a satisfying image quality. Even though MP is less, but the camera is in HD, the image will be satisfying.

14MP, no HD
5MP, unsure whether it's HD or not. I think yes, it has. I was using ordinary camera without any setting

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Masjid Beijing

This is not a temple
This is Masjid Beijing in Kelantan (Masjid is in Arabic, English is mosque)
Located by the highway of Pasir Mas - Rantau Panjang
I arrived here with family after shopping at Rantau Panjang

I think this is the only masjid with Chinese infrastructure in Malaysia
Forgive me if I left some others

By the pamphlet given, the original idea was brought up by our former Chief Minister of Kelantan, which is... 

He has retired in 2013 because of health consequences. But he is still teaching free religious knowledge for the people and receives visitors by educated and pious Islamic leaders all around the world
This masjid is the proof that Islam is a universal religion
It can go beyond culture and ethnicity
Islam is not for a certain group only
Masjid is not limited to dome only

 Another objective is to mention about Kelantan goverment was open-minded towards the non-Islamic and non-Malay as well as a tourist attraction

The design is a mixture of Chinese (outside) and Uzbekistan + Indian architecture (inside)
Islamic design is still maintained by the Arabic calligraphy on the wall

Muslims can perform prayer at second floor and there is no entrance fee charged. Unlike certain masjid which was built for profit and money. Admittance to the main prayer hall is limited to Muslims only. Proper dress is required and no admittance to the compound if you are wearing short or a skirt. 

Kids after finishing Quranic recitation class

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Jalan-jalan dekat wall FB Benz Ali. Baca komen sebab banyak juga ilmu yang aku dapat kat komen-komen orang yang nak re-educate Benz. Ada yang bijak, ada yang emosional, ada yang berilmu. Pastu ada yang komen pakai ni...macam best


Oleh : Muhammad Mujahid Ibnu Ir Fadzil

Fahamilah Islam dengan cara Islam, bukan memahami Islam dengan acuan yang dibuat oleh ahli falsafah barat. Perhatian, petikan soalan itu di”COPY PASTE” daripada beberapa FB. Artikel ringkas ini bagi memahamkan manusia tentang beberapa persoalan yang ditimbulkan hari ini;

1. Allah kan penyayang, kenapa Dia buat neraka?

Allah penyayang kepada orang yang taat dengan perintahnya, dan benci kepada orang yang mengingkari arahanNya. Allah mempunyai sifat Adil, maka orang yang dibencinya itu diletakkan di dalam neraka sebagai bukti keadilannya. Sudah pasti, kalau orang jahat dimasukkan dalam syurga, sudah pasti tak adil.

2. Berkenaan babi, siapa yang cipta babi? Tuhan atau manusia? Kau yang cipta babi, pastu kau haramkan orang mendekati apa yang kau ciptakan.

Allah haramkan manusia “memakan babi”, bukan mendekati babi. Kita menjauhi babi mungkin disebabkan busuknya. Tetapi kita “tidak memakan” babi kerana diharamkan oleh Allah. Bukan semua benda yang Allah cipta, dibuat untuk dijadikan makanan manusia. Contoh, Allah cipta batu karang, bukan untuk dimakan oleh manusia. Allah cipta babi juga bukan untuk dimakan, tetapi untuk kegunaan lain. Antaranya, kita boleh mengambil iktibar daripada sifat buruk yang ada pada babi dan sebagainya. Iaitu babi dicipta supaya manusia berfikir.

3. Berkenaan seks bebas, yang menciptakan ransangan-ransangan semua ini, Tuhan juga. Kalau taknak orang buat seks bebas, tak payahlah cipta manusia. Nak buat apa?

Allah cipta ransangan (nafsu) untuk kegunaan yang baik, seperti perkahwinan, bukan untuk kegunaan yang bukan-bukan. Contoh, kereta dibuat untuk kegunaan manusia, bukan dijadikan untuk langgar rumah orang, atau digunakan untuk membunuh dengan cara langgar lari. Maka, jika kereta itu disalahgunakan, adakah kita nak salahkan pembuat kereta atau nak salahkan “penjenayah” yang langgar lari itu?

4. Berkenaan aurat, ada je orang bertudung, tutup aurat, kena rogol...

Menutup aurat adalah arahan Allah, bukan kerana nak cover bulu kaki, bukan juga kerana nak menyelamatkan diri daripada dirogol. Adakah bila negara sudah aman, tiada kes rogol, ketika itu aurat sudah boleh dibuka? Tidak juga. Kena tahu bahawa menutup aurat itu adalah arahan Allah, yang Allah lebih mengetahui hikmahnya.

5. Khulafa ar Rasyidin, telah berlaku pembunuhan sesama mereka, dan pemerintahan monarki selepasnya, itu yang kau kata Islam?

Pembunuhan di zaman tersebut tercetus disebabkan wujudnya golongan munafik yang melaga-lagakan sesama umat Islam. Di zaman tersebut juga wujudnya golongan muktazilah yang mengutamakan akal berbanding syariat, maka melahirkan penyeksaan terhadap umat Islam sepertimana yang terjadi pada Imam Ahmad dan lain lain.

*Penulis adalah Exco Dewan Pemuda PAS Perak dan AJK Lajnah Keahlian Ulamak Pelapis PAS Perak, Ijazah Sarjana Muda Kepujian, Fakulti Usuluddin, Jabatan Akidah dan Falsafah, Universiti al Azhar

Monday, 30 December 2013

Diary: Gifts from God

...miss the old me. I was a girl who never thinks of any man except Ethan, Joey, Joe, Ben, Eric and Kyle. Obsess with the band. Very teenage like. But now, I feel stupid thinking about man (men actually) but I still do. Ehehe. I could not resist. Maybe because I have plenty of time and got nothing to do so the devil Syaitonirrajim came upon me and do a flashback on my face while singing love songs which blew me away with the memories. Another part of me which I miss a lot is, before this, I used to be scared of showing-off. I would keep quiet of anything new and rare that I got. Now, I am having new Samsung S3 given by sister-in-law Kak Ain. Hoho. May God bless her for giving it to me for free. How I feel now is the sense want to tell my friends about it. This is what I call showing-off. It sounds bad and this is not right. I am sure God dislikes this. Ya Allah please do not let me be ‘riyak’. I started to feel this since I got back from Jogja. This is a trap given by Allah. Last week, my Abg Cik (big brother the third) told me he is thinking of buying a secondhand car for me to do car rental at my campus. I can use it too. After graduation, he said, I can have it. God, You are testing my imaan again?

With all the gifts from Him, I feel like a rubber tapper which was given an airplane. I don’t what to do. It’s not about how to use it for myself. It is about how I can use it for the benefit of others. A lot of expensive gifts were given by Allah through my brothers, sisters, mom, also my super dad, who passed away. Those are tab Microsoft Surface RT, camera, S3, money, and knowledge in books (my favourite of all gifts, I hope I die while reading beneficial book). Not to mention the ability to read, to speak, and to write.

Actually there is always a story behind expensive gifts that I got. For tab Microsoft Surface RT, it all begin when I was like, “Would it be wonderful if I have a tab? While walking or travelling, I can read all books in PDF and Islamic articles which I have downloaded. I also can always write blog.” It does not matter branded or not as long as I can read, write and online on that thing. I would like to read every single article on OnIslam.com and Harun Yahya. So, Allah sent my Abg Cik (big brother) to help me. He found Surface RT at the rate of RM 600. The original price is around RM 1300. God is very generous. He soften the heart of the seller and give it at low price. The best thing is, God gave me exactly features of tablet that I wanted. The Surface RT was occupied with Microsoft Word and Powerpoint. I can write my assignments and prepare for presentation while on a bus on the way from Kelantan to KL. 

Running windows 8

 How did I have Samsung S3? It all started when my friend showed me her new cellphone Sony Xperia. I don’t remember the model but the size is similar to Samsung Note 2 and it is very beautiful! Purple in color. Seriously lovely. So, I was thinking, “I should buy a new cellphone.” I was using Samsung Galaxy Y, very tiny and cheap and now making problem which is, the BACK button is not functioning properly. I started to estimate my money and roughly, I can buy new one by the end of 2014 or early 2015. It sounds sad but what can I do? I am a student trapped in student loan. After having the intention and do the calculation, Abg Ngah (big brother the second) gave me a call and he said, “Do you want Samsung S3? Kak Ain wants to give it to you. She is just having Note 2,” I was like... God, Ya Allah Ya Rabbi... I just made an intention and You want to give it already? For free? You know what? My God, which is Allah... is awesome!

But I am sure He gave it with purpose. Two reasons why He gave me... which I could think of 
 He wants to test me
 He wants to see I do I use these things for the benefits of others

One question which I scared the most. When Allah asked me, “I have given you what you wanted. Do you give me what I wanted? I have given you Surface RT and S3. How do you use it to benefit the Muslim ummah?” I hope I can give rational answers. Maybe like... “I use Surface RT to do blogging and post reminders on Facebook. I use S3 to remember you anywhere by reading Al-Qur’an, Ma’thurat, finish Sahih Muslim.”

Froggy skin

Yesterday 2013-12-29, Sunday, I spent lunchtime watching the Hobbit Unexpected Journey on HBO. There was a scene when the 13 dwarves had meal in Rivendell where they nagging about no meat dinner served by the Elves. The food served containing of vegetables only and the dwarves were messing with the veggies in a huge bowl and were like, “Where’s meat?” One of the veggie was bok choy, spinach like. No wonder the Elves are very beautiful, fair, and pretty. Look at Arwen, Lord Elrond, and Galadriel (looks like fairy in moonlight). I should switch my diet.

...since my skin is getting rougher. Those tiny volcanoes are growing on my neck and jawline. Seriously I am tired of switching face cream and cleanser. Sometimes, I decided not to put on anything on my skin. Just let it be. From last week, I started to use SWL, recommended by Mom. My skin was exfoliating badly! It hurts like crazy until this evening. It feels like you having an open wound and you pour salt on it. I don’t know why but 2 weeks before my latest period cycle, my skin turns like Gollum. Seriously, I don’t know why. It started when I stopped using Sebamed and use Syahirah. Syahirah facial cleanser is really irritating my face. I stopped it and use JF soap (specialized to cure acne). Still no wonder happens. Should return to Sebamed. I think Sebamed is good because the pH is neutral and there is no soap. I mean the creamy bubbles. I heard a dermatologist said, we should not use soapy (when you rub between your palms with some water, bubbles appear) shampoo because it will cause your scalp to be dry. Choose non-soap. So I guess same concept can be apply to face. Non soap with neutral pH.

I think of buying another face cream but the 2 Safi Balqis still unfinished. I should be patience. Buying cream actually is not good for me in terms of money and effectiveness. So I cancelled the plan and now, I would like to try Zam Zam water. They say Zam Zam is the cure for every sickness. Spray like crazy on my frog-skin face. By the way, should eat veggies only like the Elves. How can I get married with this look? Urgh.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Nota series: Aqal adalah bertempat di hati

Nota ni aku tulis pada 2 Mei 2010, bertempat di perpustakaan SMS Pasir Puteh. Masa tu aku Tingkatan 5. Aku dengan rasminya buka buku yang dalamnya ada tazkirah, pedoman, yg aku salin dari pelbagai sumber. Macam rugi je kalau aku peram ilmu dalam buku ni. Jadi sekarang, aku fikir yang aku perlu sebarkannya dalam Nota Series.

Aqal ada 2 bahagian, lahiriah dan batiniah
Lahiriah - diam, sabar, tawadhuk (rendah diri), amar makruf nahi mungkar
Batiniah - Berfikir, memberi contoh, anggap dosa satu masalah besar, takut kepada Allah SWT, merendahkan hawa nafsu

"Ilmu itu diperolehi bukanlah semata-mata banyak sumber biasa, tetapi ia diperoleh dengan nur yang dicampakkan Allah SWT ke dalam hati seseorang."

Tu je benda berfaedah aku tulis hari pertama. Ada lagi pasal "Luqmanul Hakim adalah Socrates?". Tapi macam tak berfaedah je.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Tolong off-kan telefon

     Masa kelas Bio kat SMS Pasir Puteh, aku dan rakan sekelas dengan gangster-nya masuk lab Bio. Bingit lab bunyi kerusi yang kita orang heret, berlanggar dengan meja dan kerusi yang lain. Gedegang-gedegang bunyi buku kami letak atas meja. Cikgu senyap memerhatikan kami.

     Lepas semua dah duduk, cikgu cakap, "Zaman kegemilangan Islam dulu, pelajar-pelajar sangat beradab. Nak belek buku pun slow-slow sebab takut bunyi kertas ganggu ustaz/ustazah." Ouch.

     Sekarang dah besar, masuk U. Aku biol tengok orang kat depan sekali, relek duk main tab dan smart phone. Betul-betul depan lecturer yang tengah belajar. Aku cuba husnu zon, cek dictionary kot. Sekali aku intai, duk update twitter, cek FB. Diorang ni... tak fikir ke perasaan lecturer. Seriously child, can you keep your phone away for the sake of barakah?
     Haish, kalo aku lecturer, aku potong markah bahagian adab and ethical manners.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Waktu yang dilarang

1. Hari raya Aidilfitri
2. Hari raya Aidiladha
3. Tiga hari selepas hari raya Aidiladha (Hari Tasyrik)
4. Hari Jumaat sahaja (Kalau nak puasa jugak, kena puasa sekali dengan hari Sabtu atau Khamis)
5. Satu atau dua hari sebelum bulan Ramadhan (Hari syak)

1. Selepas waktu subuh 
2. Mula terbit matahari sehigga tinggi matahari itu kadar segalah pada pandangan mata. dalam 16 minit selepas matahari terbit. (I dun understand this)
3. Ketika matahari di tengah-tengah langit (tengah hari) hingga gelincir dr tgh langit KECUALI Jumaat
4. Lepas waktu Asar hingga terbenam matahari

Tapi, boleh qada' solat pada bila-bila masa tanpa waktu haram.
Sebab, solat sunat yang tak bleh dilakukan pada waktu haram ialah:

a) Solat sunat ihram
b) Solat sunat istikharah
c) Solat sunat keluar dari rumah
d) Solat sunat musafir
e) Solat sunat Qatl
f) Solat sunat hajat
g) Solat sunat mutlak,iaitu solat yang tanpa sebab dan tiada waktunya,seperti solat tasbih dan sebagainya yang tiada waktu yang khusus untuk melaksanakannya.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Bill

Sometimes, pain is sweet =')
A man reached 70 years of age and he faced a disease; he could not urinate. The doctors informed him that he was in need of an operation to cure this disease. He agreed to have the operation done as the problem was giving him much pain for days.

When the operation was completed, his doctor gave him the bill which covered all the costs. The old man looked at the bill and started to cry. Upon seeing this the doctor told him that if the cost was too high then they could make some other arrangements.

The old man said “I am not crying because of the money, but I am crying because ALLAH (SUBHANAHU WA TA'ALAH) let me urinate for 70 years, and HE never sent me a bill.”
- Young Muslim FB 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


8.00 pagi,
"Ehh nak puasa la, dah lama tak puasa. Lagipun tak makan lagi ni"

10.00 pagi,
"Perut tak lapar langsung"

1.00 tengah hari,
"Tak lapar lagi, bagus."

5.00 petang,
Pergi Asiah Festival, nampak ice blended. "Ahh sudah."
Kawan sebelah cakap, "Tak payah laaa"

6.00 petang,
Pergi cafe, perut dah mengaum. Tengok kawan beli air Milo ais.

"Nak beli ke tak... beli ke tak.."
Tengok ada oren, honeydew, milo yang sejuk sesejuk salji

"Ahh.. beli je la"

8.00 malam,
"Nape laaa aku minum tadi?! Lagi sejam setengah nak buka puasa.... Eii. Sabo je la ngan diri sendiri."

"Jika kamu tidak mampu melakukan solat di malam hari dan berpuasa di siang hari, ketahuilah bahawa kamu sedang dibelenggu kemaksiatan"
(Fudhail bin Iyadh)

Tips berhenti merokok, quit smoking

Mucho gracias Google for this pic

This tips was given by Science of Qur'an lecturer, Dr. Che Omar. He was a heavy smoker with 20 pieces per day. Now in his sixties and he mentioned that, it is very easy to quit smoking. What he did was

1. You have the sincere and strong intention to quit smoking since you know Prophet SAW didn't smoke and you want to follow him.

2. Get yourself a chilled papaya. Eat it before and after you smoke.


"Senangnyaa. Biar betik"

Thursday, 18 July 2013


Yang selalu layan Hollywood reality TV shows
Yang selalu bising dengan lagu-lagu barat
Yang selalu berangan yang dia superstar
Yang selalu buat aku fikir,
"Aku lagi alim daripada dia"
"Pahala aku lagi banyak daripada dia"
Pemikiran hitam disebalik tudung labuh

Tapi dia
Mampu menangis dengan hanya membaca ayat simple dari Al-Qur'an. Aku?
Mampu mengucapkan puji-pujian dengan melihat susunan warna di langit petang. Aku?
Mampu menerima dan sentiasa memperbaiki diri. Aku?

Aku. Teruk.
Perasan alim. 
Perasan solehah.

Dia ialah sahabat dari Johor

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Those days when you were about to left me

I thought you would be able to see me graduate
I thought you would be able to see me tie-the-knot
I thought you would still give me advises during phone talks
I thought I could sponsor you to perform pilgrim
I thought you would be able to embrace your golden years with your sons and daughters

13 days of waiting for you to wake up from deep sleep
Behind the fake smile in front of visitors and friends
There was no day without tears
There was no day without me praying and pleading to God for you to wake up
Seeing you unable to move, talk, and see was killing me inside out

When I was taking care of you in the middle of the night
When you in the state of unconscious on the white sheet of hospital bed
I was hoping you feel the heat of my hands
I was hoping you hear my voice whispering to your ears
I was hoping you feel the teardrops on your skin
Daddy, I hope we could meet again in heaven

"Father is the best man of every girl's life"

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Career for students who majoring in English Linguistics/Lit

Reading English Linguistics and Lit (or known as BenL in IIUM) often makes me blur about future career. My late father encouraged me to major in this field. After googling. Nah! See how long the list below.

Account Executive 
Account Supervisor 
Administrative &amp Program Director 
Administrative Assistant/Office Mgr. 
Advertising Account Executive 
Advertising Sales Representative 
Agent's Asst. 
Application Developer 
Area Coordinator 
Assistant Account Executive 
Assistant Editor/Production Editor 
Associate Company Manager 
Associate Director of Publicity 
Associate Editor 
Associate/Public Accountant 
Bank Officer 
Book Publisher 
Bookstore manager 
Broadcast Advertising Manager 
Business Operations Senior Planner 
Career Counselor 
Certified Public Accountant 
Child Care Specialist/Teacher 
Commodities Trader 
Communication Skills Trainer 
Communications Assistant 
Community Affairs Specialist 
Computer Manager/Consultant 
Confidential Assistant Executive 
Corporate Communications 
Court Reporter 
Creative Director 
Creative Writing 
Customer Service Representative
Design Specialist 
Development Associate/Social Worker 
Director of Public Relations 
Editor (assignment, book, copy, dictionary...) 
Editor/User Consultant 
Editorial Assistant 
Educational Researcher 
Electronic Publishing Specialist 
Entertainment Agent 
Environmental Planner 
Executive Assistant 
Executive Search Consultant 
Financial Aid Counselor 
Foreign Service 
Government Service 
Head of Advertising/Asst. Vice President 
Human Resources Assistant 
Information Officer 
Insurance Agent 
Interior Designer 
Junior Accountant 
Legal Assistant 
Loan Officer 
Management Trainee 
Manuscript Reader 
Market Editor 
Market Research Analyst 
Marketing Assistant 
Marketing Coordinator 
Marketing Director 
Marketing Manager 
Marketing Projects Coordinator 
Marketing Researcher 
Mass Media Assistant 
Media specialist (buyer, planner, director ...) 
News Reporter 
Newspaper/Magazine Editor 
Operations Manager 
Paralegal Assistant 
Patient Financial Coordinator 
Personnel Manager 
Press secretary 
Production Assistant 
Project Manager/City Planner 
Public Information Specialist 
Public relations 
Public Relations Assistant 
Public Relations Specialist 
Public Service 
Publications Manager 
Publisher's Assistant 
Publishing Assistant 
Quality Assurance Assistant Manager 
Reading Consultant 
Real Estate Broker 
Regional Director 
Regional Planner 
Research Analyst 
Research Assistant 
Research Journalist 
Researcher: Opinion polls, Fact checker 
Secondary School Teacher 
Senior Account Executive 
Senior Editor 
Senior Staff Writer 
Social Work 
Social Worker 
Special Agent 
Special Events Coordinator 
Special Projects Director 
Staff Assistant 
Staff Photographer 
State Representative 
Store Manager/Regional Manager 
Teaching (all levels) 
Telecommunications Systems Consultant 
Television Producer/Performer 
Text Specialist Engineer 
Traffic Manager 
Vice President of Financial Services 
Writer: Technical, Speech, Freelance